G-Shock Features and Terms Glossary

Here is a glossary of G-Shock features as well as significant G-Shock models and terms:

Analog-Digital: A watch with both analog hands and an LCD digital display.

Asia: In reference to G-Shock releases, it refers to all the Asian countries except for Japan, includes countries in the Asia-Pacific region and the continent of Asia.

Baby-G: A sister brand to G-Shock featuring women’s watches with shock resistance and at least 100-meter water resistance.

Carbon Core Guard: A new type of G-Shock structure with a carbon fiber reinforced resin case, which allows for guardless buttons and smaller and lighter watches.

DLC: Refers to the “diamond-like carbon” coating, a deluxe scratch-resistant treatment seen on some MR-G luxury models and other special models.

DW-5000C: The first G-Shock model introduced in 1983. It was available as the DW-5000C-1A with red accent and DW-5000C-1B with gold/yellow accent.

DW-5600: A current basic G-Shock model that is the direct descendant of the DW-5000C. The Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6 version is the GW-M5610.

DW-6900: A long-running G-Shock series introduced in 1995, known for its iconic round case and front EL backlight button. The Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6 version is the GW-6900.

EL Backlight: Electro-luminescent backlight which illuminates the background of the entire digital display. Seen on some digital models like the DW-5600 and DW-6900.

Frogman: G-Shock’s professional diving line of watches featuring a stainless steel inner case, screw-lock case back and ISO Diver’s 200M water resistance.

Full Auto Backlight: The full auto light feature can be set to activate with a turn of the wrist when viewing the watch, and it will only activate in the dark. A standard (not full) “auto” backlight can be set to activate automatically but will also activate in daylight.

G-LIDE: Extreme sports line of G-Shock watches designed for surfing and snowboarding.

G-SQUAD: A fitness line of G-Shock watches featuring a Step Tracker and Bluetooth connectivity.

G-STEEL: A mid-range analog-digital G-Shock line featuring a stainless steel body and dual-layer bezel. Options include resin and stainless steel bands and resin and stainless steel outer bezels.

GMW-B5000: The first full-metal 5000-series square model, introduced in 2018.

GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor: Uses Multi-Band 6 radio time syncing or GPS time signals when out of range of the Multi-Band 6 transmitter stations. Seen in high-end models like the GPW-1000, MTG-G1000, and MRG-G1000.

Gravitymaster: A line of G-Shock aviation watches, inspired by the look of instrument panels.

Gulfmaster: A boating and maritime G-Shock line.

GW-5000: A G-Shock model that is considered by many to be the best 5000-5600 model with a screw-back case like the original DW-5000C and Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6.

Kikuo Ibe: The creator and “Father of G-Shock,” now Research and Development Chief Engineer at Casio. His motto is “Never give up.”

Master of G: Professional line of G-Shock watches that includes the “-man” and “-master” series.

MIP LCD: Memory in Pixel display, a power-saving pixel display used in certain Bluetooth-connected G-Shock models.

MR-G: The top G-Shock line of analog watches featuring titanium bodies and bands.

MT-G: Metal-Twisted G-Shock line of luxury watches made of stainless steel and resin.

Mudman: Mud-resistant line of digital G-Shock watches.

Mudmaster: Analog-digital mud-resistant G-Shock line.

Multi-Band 6: A feature that automatically syncs the watch time with atomic clocks through the reception of radio waves from six transmitters worldwide. The transmitters are located in Japan (Fukushima and Kyushu), North America, England, Germany, and China. Also known as Multiband 6, Wave Ceptor, and “radio-controlled.” It is sometimes referred to as “atomic” timekeeping since it syncs the time with atomic clocks.

Neon Illuminator: Uses a UV-A (blacklight) LED to illuminate phosphorous-coated hands and index in the dark.

Premium Production Line: Part of the Yamagato Casio factory in Japan where the most experienced employees assemble high-end G-Shock watches like the MT-G and MR-G series.

Pro Trek: Casio brand of outdoor watches featuring Tough Solar power and environmental sensors.

Rangeman: G-Shock survival line of digital watches featuring solar-power and Triple Sensor. The GPR-B1000 series also includes GPS tracking and navigation.

Reverse LCD Display: An inverted digital display with a black or dark background and lighter digits. Also known as a “negative LCD display.”

S Series: A smaller G-Shock line of watches that are about 30% smaller than their full-size counterparts.

Sapphire: A type of display glass that offers superior scratch resistance than the standard mineral glass.

Step Tracker: A pedometer feature in some G-Shock and Baby-G watches that records steps taken.

STN LCD Display: Super-twisted nematic LCD display that provides better viewing and contrast over regular LCD displays.

Super Illuminator: An extra-bright LED light.

Titanium: A lightweight metal that is lighter than stainless steel and resistant to rust.

Tough Leather: A synthetic leather band seen on some G-STEEL models.

Tough Movement: An analog movement featuring Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 radio time syncing, a hybrid mount structure for enhanced durability and resistance to g-forces, and an hourly automatic needle correction function. This feature is found on high-end analog G-Shock and Pro Trek watches.

Tough Solar: Casio’s solar watch technology that uses solar panels on the display and a rechargeable battery. Capable of charging from the sun and also from fluorescent lighting. Features a large capacity rechargeable battery and a power save function.

Triple G Resist: Resistance to shock, g-forces, and vibration. Seen in some Gravitymaster and MT-G watches.

Triple Sensor: Environmental sensors including a pressure sensor (altimter-barometer), compass, and thermometer. It may also include a water depth sensor in place of the pressure sensor as in the case of the Frogman GWF-D1000.

Twin Sensor: Environmental sensors including compass and thermometer.